Song of the Runes Here is my truth, not the great Truth but the one that the Universe gave to me, the one that my experience confirms me over the years and my practices. If she speaks to your heart then use it, if it doesn’t make you vibrate let it in this book rest. I’m not looking for prove or convince, just to share, sit down together and give each other possibilities to that everyone can go their own way doing what they have to do Runes are the language of the universe divided into 24 signs. These 24 signs all have a sound specific, a sound and a vibration. When I’m connected to the universe and singing the runes, I can feel the great web, the one that crosses every living being. The great canvas of Nornes where all the threads of life are connected, whether that of humans, that of animals, that of plants or minerals. The Norns Urd, Verdandi and Skuld are the three giants, guardians of the web of life, those who know the fate of every being, those who engrave the laws of the universe. And in singing the runes I can make an impact on these threads of life. It is said in Gylfaginning chapters 5 and 6, Poetic Edda, that originally there was a chasm gaping, Ginnungagap or the word gap can also mean throat. Who says throat says sound. And who says its said vibration. For me personally, our world was created by vibration, by sound and by the runes. Besides Ymir, the first being of this world, his name means the noisy, the one who tonne. Again we have the sound. In Odin’s initiation to receive the runes we once again find the sound. I know i hanged to the windswept tree Nine full nights Sorry for a spear And given to Odin Myself to myself given At the tree where no one Don’t know where the roots come from No bread gave me, Or a cup of mead I was peering down I picked up the runes Screaming I picked up the runes Odin’s spear is called Gungnir, which means vibrations according to Ódsmàl’s research in Iceland, (a 1990 university project, supported by the Ministry of Education and Culture of Iceland). Odin is screaming upside down to pick up the runes. He finds them down below and he has to scream them to get them. What’s at the bottom of the tree? There is the source of Urd, Urdabrunnir. We connect once again to the Nornes and to the main canvas. And once again we have the sound. It is by giving the vibration that the runes find their full power and that we can use them. Since the runes speak to me and make me work, I always see them springing from the source of Urd. When I call them, that is where they originate, or enter our universe. Here we have talked about why to sing the runes. But what are they for? To influence the web of Urd, the web of life? What does that mean? First of all, it implies a great responsibility. I will tell you another story from my tradition. It’s a love story. A young man is head over heels in love with a beautiful young girl, but the girl’s father will not that she marry him unless she really loves him. This young man is sure he is the best man for the girl. And he carves runes on a piece of wood that he manages to hide under the beautiful bed. And she gets sick, so sick that she risks dying. his father desperate calls in a Runemadr, a man who specializes in runes. The Runemadr arrives and feels the presence of the runes, he finds the piece of wood and removes the runes which are on it. This work is more difficult than putting them there. And the young girl regains her health. The young man absolutely did not want to hurt the girl. But knowing little about it he did mistakes, which almost killed the girl. Runes are powerful and misused can do a lot of damage, even if there are only good intentions behind it. I use the runes in my daily life, as my ancestors did. My great grandmother had runes engraved on his cooking utensils. I have carved it on my well, on the water inlet in my house, on my kettle, on my water filter. I sing them on my car, on my luggage, on the plane when I travel. I sing them on my phone to myself protect from telephone waves, on my computer. Let me give you some examples that you can safely use if your intention is good. This year in May I am in Ardèche and there is a snowstorm. The roads are slippery and my car started to skid and go down a steep slope. Right away i throws (a mixture of visualizing and singing) the rune Eoh, the rune of the If on the four wheels of my car, instantly it clings to the road and I continue my journey quietly. If you look at the rune Eoh you will see it has a hook at the top and a hook at the bottom. It’s a rune that, among many other functions, serves for alignment, to be in heaven as in earth. And here in in my case, that the tires stick to the road and my car. Yes the function of the runes is not that simple. It is impossible for me to give you all functions of the runes. I say that a rune is a puzzle of a thousand pieces, with a thousand shades, a thousand facets and a thousand functions. The thousand is a number which is probably not the correct one, maybe that is much more, I am still an apprentice and I would remain so until the end of my life. She saved my life many times in similar cases.


I said I had runes on my well when I entered the water. Yes I use Lagu, the rune of water so that I always have water, that I am never dry and that my water is good. I engrave the runes or paint them and sing them. When my fire won’t catch on, I use Ken, who is associated with fire. I sing it on my wood who does not want to burn. My intention remains very clear, I don’t want a forest fire, just a small one fire to warm me up and I take it slow. It is important to know how to dose. When I plant in my garden, I use Jara, and I see the difference. To protect myself while traveling, I team up with Reid and Algiz. Since I do this as well on me, my rings and the plane / the train / the car, I had no problems, I never lost luggage and we always arrive together at the right time and at the right port. Another very useful rune when I make long trips by car, in an old car without full of noises to warn you that you forgot to put out the fires and that we are asking sleep just 20 minutes which becomes an hour or two and the battery is almost dead, it’s Ur. With her I almost always manage to get on with it. I throw it on the drums while turning the key and the engine starts. I also tried it to charge my phone, without success Unfortunately. If only it worked to fully charge all the batteries I would have found a convenient and economical source of energy. I continue my research! On the other hand little tip, it also recharges your own batteries when you are dead but to use with sparingly, when you have no other way to recharge your batteries. The best way is still rest. But in desperate times draw it on your forehead and sing it. And feel how the force is entering you.

Now the risk is high that you will run and buy a book on the runes and draw yourself another rune on the forehead. That of abundance perhaps. Who wouldn’t want plenty in his life! So just to warn you I’m going to tell you a true story that happened to someone I know. Let’s call her Anna. Anna was just 17, she dreamed of having a friend but she had struggling to make friends. One day while going to a nightclub with her girlfriends, and she had read in a book of runes, she decided to use the runes to help her. She worked with the rune of abundance. She’s having a wonderful evening, the abundance of men drawn to her were there. And when she got home she had a friend. A few months pass and as often happens at this age, love changes and the couple go their separate ways. A few months later, Anna finds that she has health problems and goes to the doctor who finds out she is pregnant and in the sixth months, so too late for an abortion. On ultrasound, they are seen to be twins. Anna eventually gave birth to the triplets, and yes one had hidden on the ultrasound. Anna had still 17 years old. The abundance of love she wished she had but not like her heard him. So be careful! Of course I also use the runes for my care. But that I will not share it here. Not because I want to keep it to myself, but to prevent you from making mistakes. If you already know runes and invite you to use them carefully, you will know how to do it, but if you do not don’t know you risk killing the person rather than helping him like the young man in love and I don’t want to be responsible for such mistakes. You can still throw all the runes in a circle to create a protected space suitable for Any job. Roll all three times. I start with the rune Ur, the origin and I end with the rune Feh, abundance. This is how we have always used it in our family and that they came to introduce themselves to me when they called me. If you prefer to start on the other hand it is quite possible, they are not linear but circular. Ask them what which they prefer.

Ur, Thurs, Ass, Reid, Ken, Gifu, Wynja, Hagal, Naud, Iss, Jara, Perthra, Eoh, Algiz, Sol, Tyr, Bjarka, Eh, Madr, Lagu, Ing, Odal, Dagaz, Feh I wish you a wonderful friendship and complicity with the Runes With heart Anja

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